Wow! What a year!


“LIFE ON THE MOVE is more than just physical movement, it’s a way of life. It’s a desire to progress with your goals and relationships, while also developing your mental, physical, and spiritual health. It’s not just progress for the sake of recognition, but rather to enrich every moment of life that is worth living. Life on the move IS LIFE WELL LIVED.”


Wow! What a year!

A year in which I visited so many different countries.
A year in which I met so many incredible and most valuable people.
A year in which I learned so many things, about the world, about life, about myself.

This year I have reduced my possessions to a size that fits in hand luggage, and I feel happier than ever before.

I don’t need much more than a few T-shirts, trousers, a toiletry bag, a laptop and a phone; I have less than 100 things at the moment and I haven’t even missed one. On the contrary, I still find some among them that I don’t need. When you get rid of things you realize what you have, you realize which things are really important to you, and these aren’t actually things at all. I discovered my passion, I discovered what I want, I discovered my inner self.

At the same time, if you have nothing, no one can take anything from you; if you don’t hold to anything, nothing can hold you back. I’ve learned to let go, liberated myself from expectations, stopped making my happiness dependent on external factors. And freedom is – besides true love – one of the most wonderful feelings I have ever experienced in my life.

Wow! What a year!

The year of my awakening.
The year I decided to be happy.
The best year of my life.

Thank you! 🙏🏼

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Art Balsam

Polyglot and traveler Art Balsam has changed his life almost completely in the last few years. From fat to fit, from hoarder to minimalist, from office slave to digital nomad, from just comfortable to actually being happy. In 2017 he made a list of 15 languages he wanted to speak while living in each of the corresponding countries. Since then he has reduced his entire life's possessions to the size of hand luggage and traveled to over 20 countries. He is currently living mainly in Madrid and already learning his fifth language. Since Art's story inspired many people around him, he now wants to take on the next challenge. As a motivational speaker he is offering a bigger stage for something that has grown from a craziness through a fascination to a way of life. Let him take you on a journey from Dream through Believe to Achieve.

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